WagTongues is Dumfries & Galloway’s only itinerant bookshop which pops up all over the region to sell books written by local authors. As well as the opportunity to browse and buy from, a wonderful range of books – fiction, travel, memoir, poetry, young adult – there is live programme which means you can meet writers as well as listen to readings and author interviews throughout the day. Come along and celebrate the wealth of Dumfries and Galloway’s writing and publishing talent. Entry is free.

Saturday 22nd  10.30 – 5.30  Mill on the Fleet

‘No-one leaves home, unless home is the mouth of a shark’

Ghazi Hussein, Palestinian/Syrian refugee, now an award winning Scottish writer in conversation with journalist Jean Rafferty. An event that speaks to the greatest issue of our time - migration. There will also be  readings from SPEN’s  forthcoming anthology celebrating the 90th anniversary of Scottish PEN. "City of towers and turrets/City of my desire/I sought you as an  immigrant  bird/Full of yearning and a song on my lips" (from To  Edinburgh by Ghazi Hussein). Chair:  Liz Niven SPEN Writer-in-exile convener.

Saturday 22nd 10.30 – 11.30   The Mill on the Fleet   Free Tickets

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Wake a moth, shake your squirrely tale, make a skunky stink, wish upon an acorn and discover what to do in a little canoe. Stories, songs, games & crafts. Family fun for everyone! Families-  with under fives and/or unattended primary kids

Saturday 22nd  10.30 – 12.00   The Drop-in Centre    Free Tickets

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Peter Marinker, actor and Artistic Director of The Godot Company, talks about creating the character of Vladimir in a recent acclaimed London production of Waiting for Godot, considered one of the the most significant plays of the 20th century - with speeches from the play.

‘Becket as Beckett intended’ 

‘The genius of (Marinker’s) performance is his ability to play this weak and broken character with such strength and focus’. Hayden Jones

Saturday 22nd 12.00 – 1.00    The Mill on the Fleet     £8.00

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Three fine poets from The Red Squirrel Stable  grace BIG LIT with a diverse range of readings from new publications  - former Federation of Writers, Makar, ‘Sheila Templeton from her collection ‘Gaitherin,’, Hazel Buchann Cameron from Cutting Letters and  David Costello from No Need for Candles. 

Saturday 22nd 1.30 – 2.30   The Franca Bruno Shop    Lunch £6.95

Chik will tell a story or two and perform some poyums from his book “A Load of  Young Nonsense”.  In the second half of the show, both children and adults will get a chance to write some verse of their own; silly verse or nonsense verse, you decide. Best for 5-10 year-olds. Children must be accompanied by an adult and imagination.

2.00 – 3.00  The Drop-in  Free Tickets


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Brian Johnstone discusses the experience of discovering unknown siblings in his first prose book Double Exposure. Rich in nostalgia for the post-war years, it explores the many reasons why he was never entrusted with the truth. A touching story of family secrets and unexpected revelations, the memoir vividly evokes the author’s ’50s upbringing, but pulls no punches on the social conventions of the time.

 ‘A memoir not of misery but of love deflected and deferred.’ – James Robertson

Saturday 22nd 3.00-4.00   The Mill on the Fleet    £5.00

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VIRGINIA WOOLF on life, art and buying suspenders:  an illustrated presentation by Karin Fernald

In her  famous novel TO THE LIGHTHOUSE, Virginia Woolf  investigates the  fears of a young woman artist faced with a blank canvas.  “How to begin?  At what point to make the first mark?” 

Entertainingly frank confessions in Woolf’s diaries reveal the embarrassments of a respectable London lady in the 1920’s. “I hate buying clothes.  In particular I hate buying suspenders....”   And she has the courage to confront  the vital question “Am I a Snob?” (Her answer is YES! )  With paintings by Vanessa Bell, Walter Sickert, and other members of the Camden Group of Artists.

Saturday 22nd 4.30 – 5.30    The Mill on the Fleet    £8.00

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Leonard Cohen is known to millions as the composer of ‘Hallelujah’, a bona fide modern classic, but his musical and literary legacy goes far deeper than this song.  In tribute to the life and work of one of the most celebrated poets of modern times, join musicians Alan McClure, Denise Brownlee and Chris Blantern and readers Chrys Salt and Peter Marinker for an intimate journey through the words and music of a complex and fascinating man.  Love, sex, death, and conflict, explored with unflinching honesty and bleak humour.

Saturday 22nd 7.30- 9.30    The Mill on The Fleet    £8.00


John Blandy is a landscape painter, and works in pastel on site. This remarkable film brings together a sequence of pastels painted over many days and in all seasons between 2003 and 2004 

Blandy works towards the idea by making extended series following particular places over long periods. Three current projects are ‘Follow a lime tree’ in Queens Park started in 1997, ‘Seacourt’ a stream near Oxford and ‘Hornbeam’ an iconic tree in Wytham Wood.

April 20 – 23   The Mill on the Fleet    Free

Original and extraordinary text-related art work on exhibition and for sale

in The Bakehouse Studio by seven talented and innovative artists from

Intertwine - Galloway Textile Collective - comprised of professional textile artists, living and working in Dumfries & Galloway.

April 20 – 23  10.30 – 4.30   

The Bakehouse Studio