The Mill on the Fleet

The Mill on the Fleet
The Mill on the Fleet

Most of the events are taking place in the Mill on the Fleet - mainly in the Faed Gallery on the middle floor.  Events can be accessed through the door opposite the large mill wheel.  Tickets can be purchased from the Franca Bruno Shop adjacent to the gateway into the Mill grounds (opposite the main car park entrance).

Other Venues

Bakehouse Studio

Pop in and Pop up at the Bakehouse Studio. Another BIG LIT installation from Bill Barlow.
Pop up to The Bakehouse Studio. Pop in. See Bill’s giant pop-up books. Try your hand at making an eye-popping pop-up card of your own. Interactive fun and games for all ages.  Saturday April 21st and Sunday April 22nd  10.00am  – 4.00pm  The Bakehouse Studio.  Free event. 

The Franca Bruno Shop

Franca Bruno's Café and Shop is in the Rutherford Hall which is next to the archway into the Mill, opposite the Main Car Park entrance.

The Scone Kitchen

At the top of the High Street, opposite the clock tower.

The Drop-in Centre

This is in Digby Street, about halfway up the High Street on the left - the turning almost opposite the Bakehouse.  The Centre is about 20m along on the right-hand side.

The Masonic Arms

The Masonic Arms is in Ann Street - turn right at the clock tower as you come up the High Street.
The Big Lit Sing-in is here on Thursday night from about 9pm - very informal do come along.  Or indeed any Thursday evening for the regular Thursday night sessions.

Gatehouse Parish Church

Venue for the musical events on Sunday afternoon.