Yvonne Ridley: From Afghanistan to the Scottish Borders

British journalist Yvonne Ridley first came to prominence in 2001 after she was captured by the Taliban in Afghanistan and held for 11 days. She wrote a best seller In The Hands of The Taliban about her terrifying experience and as chief reporter for The Sunday Express, continued to report from some of Asia and the Middle East's conflict zones as well as covering humanitarian disasters.

Yvonne talks to novelist Karen Campbell in a fascinating chat about the clash of cultures - including some hilarious and surprising anecdotes - her conversion to Islam, how she came to be living in the Scottish Borders keeping bees and running a peafowl rescue centre and how the idea for her historical trilogy, The Caledonian’s, came about. The first book was published in January by Austin Macauley.



Further Information

The Caledonians: www.austinmacauley.com


Yvonne has returned to Afghanistan since the subject of this talk.  She has passed on to us the links for this film in four parts on YouTube which she made, and which give a flavour of the challenges and dangers of travelling in Afghanistan in search of prisoner 650. She and Hassan Ghani travel through Pakistan and Afghanistan in search of a woman who it's thought is being tortured by the US military.  Part 3 in particular takes you into the dangerous Afghan landscapes.